Tampa Bathroom Remodel

Let Hybrid Construction handle your Bathroom remodeling. Because we are a General Contractor, existing layout and design changes are not a problem and can be incorporated into any renovation. We always provide Free Estimates and are readily available for a site review. We can also provide accurate pricing if you can provide layout dimensions and photos of the existing Bathroom via email.


  • Contact Hybrid for a Free Estimate.
  • Need a Quick Budget Quote? Send us some photos of the existing bath and we can typically provide an accurate price range within 24 hours.
  • Schedule Appointment for Site Review and Discussion.
  • Hybrid Prepares and Finalizes Formal Estimate within 48 Hours.
  • Sign Proposal Paperwork and Agreement.
  • Review and Complete Materials/Specification Selection Document.
  • Schedule Bath Remodel Start Date.


Typically, a bath will take 2-3 weeks to complete. Depending on the final scope of work, rough-in relocations, wall removal, etc… some can take shorter or longer than the targeted timeframe. Below please find a schedule of scope and approximate durations. For more detail information, see out project sequence videos on our you-tube channel.

Demo: 1-2 days
Rough-In and Relocation of Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing: 1-2 days
Drywall Repairs: 2-3 days
Painting: 1 day
Tilework: 3-4 days
Shower Glass Measurement and Fabrication Time, if applicable: 5-10 days
Cabinet Installation: 1 days
Countertop Measurement and Fabrication Time: 2-6 days
Countertop Installation: 1 day
Shower Glass Install: 1 day
Plumbing Trim out: 1 day
Electrical Trim out: 1 day

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