Quick Pricing from a General Contractor

While I am in the business of being a General Contractor, I understand the thought process and concerns that many business or home owners may have.  My biggest concern is that many owners may not want to ‘bother’ a General Contractor for an estimate or some pricing feedback when they may be early in the process of considering a property.  Many times, the cost of a renovation will make or break a decision to move forward on a property purchase, so it can become vital for contractor pricing.

The good news is that, as a contractor, I encourage owners to contact me anytime if they need  feedback about a renovation/remodel for any property that they may be considering.  Typically, I can provide some idea on costs without a site inspection and with very little information.  It may not be a formal estimate, but it can help an owner review and move on from a property.  I believe it is my job, as a contractor, to help guide an owner through property reviews and purchases.

If you are considering a property and may need a quick perspective on what a cost for renovation may involve, give us a call, send an email, or fill out the free estimate form.  We are working on a template for a new 24 hour (or less), estimate form for my website and should have it available in the near future.

Remember, it is never a burden to contact a General Contractor about any level of estimate.  It is our job to help.

Brandon Leske
Hybrid Construction LLC