Licensed and Insured Contractors

It is very important that Owners only use licensed and insured contractors.  Unfortunately, there are many people and businesses working without one or both, especially in the State of FL.  Unlicensed and/or Uninsured contractors offer little or no protections and can become a huge risk for anyone hiring them to do work.  Not to mention, as a licensed and insured contractor, we work very hard and spend a lot of money in order to have up to date and adequate license and insurance.  Also, please note, many contractors may start out having a license or insurance, but forget or choose not to renew and have ongoing coverage to save money.  It is important to always request up to date licenses and insurance prior to starting any project.

Fortunately, it can be fairly easy to check up on contractors and see that their license and insurance are active.  Below are a few website recommendations where you can search by personal or business name.

State of Florida DBPR –
FL Dept of Corporations –
Pinellas County –
Pasco County –
Hillsborough County –

Be sure to ask the contractor for an updated insurance certificate listing your name and address as the certificate holder.

Please note, many State of Florida licensed contractors, while licensed to work anywhere in state,  need to register with each County and/or City on a yearly basis in order to pull permits in that jurisdiction.

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