Quick Contractor Pricing

As a General Contractor, performing and pricing projects of various types exposes us to all kinds of situations and challenges.  With that experience and exposure, we come to realize that every project is unique and typically requires specific pricing that cannot fit a one-size-fits-all strategy.

However, the majority of projects, both Residential and Commercial, have similar traits and scope of work.  We estimate that 70-80% of a project scope of work requires the same technique for pricing and only 20-30% of the scope requires unique, field specific pricing.

This means we can provide the option to price the work quickly (sometimes without even visiting the site) with only a little information provided by the customer.  It works well for both parties: the customer can get a quick, fairly accurate, budget number and we can provide it while saving time and travel to the job site.  Below are some of this items we request from the customer:

Work Scope List
– Property Photos, Scope of Work Photos
– Inspection Reports
– Room Measurements
– Scope of Work Measurements

The more information provided, the better and more accurate the estimate.  Using this strategy can allow us to do most budget estimates within 24 hours of receiving the data above.

Brandon Leske
Hybrid Construction LLC
Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco General Contractor
Tampa Bay Area Remodeling
Commercial – Residential