Commercial Remodel Budgeting

Commercial Remodel BudgetingI receive a lot of calls from commercial realtors and tenants about budget remodel costs and/or square foot costs.  Typically, a fairly accurate estimate can be put together quickly with a scope of work, some photos, and a sketch of the space.  Unfortunately, these details cannot be provided during a phone call, so commenting about costs without some background of information will be inaccurate and pretty useless.  Commercial property is more difficult to estimate because each building and situation are different.  If possible, I always recommend that we try to meet at the site for a quick 10-15 minute walk through.  The scope can be discussed and valuable information can be gathered.  As a General Contractor, this should always be for free.  It helps us with refining out historical estimate data and helps the tenant or agent with useful cost information that can be marketed with the property.  If a site meeting is not possible, we would recommend the following information be provided by the agent or tenant:

  • Photos of the interior and exterior of the space
  • Existing sketch of the space
  • Proposed sketch of the space to illustrate changes
  • Detailed scope of work narrative

Our goal is to help provide accurate cost information for a property and its intended use so smart decisions can be made and projects can hopefully move forward.

We at Hybrid Construction have these solutions set up and are available to provide assistance for any tenant improvement in the Tampa Bay area.

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