The top 7 Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

7 Top Trends in Kitchen Design for 2018Today’s kitchen plays a more prominent role in the home than it did in the past. This is why a kitchen renovation is such a popular home project today. Before starting a kitchen remodel you need to plan for it though. You want to create a kitchen where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. This is why clean, simple styles with natural lighting are favorites. Of course, this is just one of the many kitchen renovation trends you’ll see today.

Smart Kitchens

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind throughout your kitchen remodel is the role technology plays in your kitchen today. It’s integrated into every function and appliance and commonly called a “smart kitchen.” These popular items make it easier for you to use your kitchen and include things like:

  • Faucets that turn on when they sense your hands’ presence
  • Refrigerators that tell you when you’re running low on certain grocery items
  • Coffee makers that are programmed to have your coffee ready for you in the morning
  • Gadgets that check your eggs telling when they’re about to go bad
  • Lighting systems that allow you to control them from your smartphone

A Word About Cabinet Colors

Whether you choose white, an elegant gray, or jewel tones for your cabinets, they play a huge role in your kitchen renovation. Although white is still a huge favorite because it makes your cabinets look clean, different colors are catching up to it. Grey is the second favorite choice for people who are doing a kitchen remodel. This is because they’re so versatile, allowing you to pair anything from natural to glamorous elements with them. Jewel tones are slowly being introduced as well.

Streamlined Designs, Materials and Textures

Streamlined designs and materials are slowly replacing farmhouse and mid-century modern styles when people are doing a kitchen remodel today. This is because simplicity has a way of drowning out life’s daily stresses. For simplicity’s sake, some of the other things we’ll see include:

  • No upper wall cabinets
  • Rough cut wood bringing in natural elements
  • Metal tubing for an industrial attitude
  • Natural stone flooring
  • Beveled, stacked, or sculpted backsplashes
  • Glossy finishes
  • Wood beams

Quartz is Very Popular

When you’re doing a high-end kitchen renovation quartz reigns supreme because it’s so hardy it lasts forever. It’s also anti-microbial. Today, there are a lot of colors and finishes available too. Coupled with a composite, quartz sink your kitchen has a clean, uniform look and is easy to clean and maintain too.

Cabinets Offering Effective Storage Solutions

One of the biggest reasons behind a kitchen remodel is space. Basic shelves and drawers waste so much of it. Finding better ways of storing things, especially within cabinetry, is a huge goal for any kitchen renovation. This is why you see things like:

  • Appliance garages
  • Built-in drawer dividers
  • Spice racks you pull out
  • Tray dividers
  • Roll-out caddies for pots and pans
  • Wastebasket cabinets
  • Deep drawers

New Styles and Preferences for Appliances

Appliances play a huge role in your kitchen renovation. Gray tones and dark brushed metal finishes are popular. Even traditional stoves are being replaced with induction cook-tops with a separate single wall oven for aesthetic reasons since these do tend to take up more space. While looking at ovens, don’t rule out steam ovens that can cook your food faster while retaining its nutrients and flavor better. Stylish French door wall ovens equipped with Bluetooth technology also help you cook dinner faster since you can control them from anywhere – as long as you have your smartphone with you.

Hardwood Flooring vs. Ceramic Tiling

Another important part of your kitchen remodel is your floor. While hardwood flooring is very popular, ceramic tiling comes in a close second. This is because technology makes it so your ceramic floor looks just like a hardwood floor today. However, ceramic is easier to maintain.

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