Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Your Budget

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Your BudgetAre you ready to remodel or redesign your bathroom? If yes, you may not be ready to spend a fortune on the rework. The good news is that there is no need to spend a huge amount of money to convert your bathroom into a cool and relaxing place. There are several ways of bathroom remodeling. According to experts, an average bathroom remodeling will set you back by around $10,000. But if you get creative and work yourself on the project you can get the job done for $1000 to $3000.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

1. Limit the Tiling: Tiles have this tendency to be expensive. For saving money limit the amount of tiling you do and concentrate on high-impact areas such as flooring only rather than flooring and shower stall walls. Otherwise, you may tile a single horizontal strip alongside the wall and just paint the remaining areas. When you have your heart set on the artistic tiling you can use it along with cheaper tiling. The artistic tiling will not only be more noticeable but it will save a lot of money to use them here and there.

2. Save on the Countertops: One of the more popular trends emerging these days is granite countertops. As the bathroom counter is small in size, the investment is also smaller than what you can expect to spend on kitchen counters. How can you save on the countertops? Firstly consider the color. Neutral colors such as brown, tan, and light beige are used more. But they are more expensive. However, to save money you can consider a wide range of colors. There is another way of saving on the granite countertops and that is purchase slabs containing imperfections. When these faults are more visible less the pricing will be. Remember, the basin will consume a lot of areas. Therefore if the imperfection is situated where the faucets and the basin is you will not see it easily.

3. Using Paint: When you don’t have a lot to spend the better option will be to use the paint. It is probably the cheapest and most effective way of giving your bathroom a new look. It takes up a lot of time though. This is because the bathroom is the smallest chamber in the house and you need to paint lightly and gently around the windows, shower, mirror, toilet, sink, floors, and switch plates. This requires patience and time along with a reasonable supply of painter’s tape. Ensure that you keep it in mind while planning the renovation. You will also be required to take into consideration the moisture and use high-quality paint having satin finish for the bathroom.

4. Updating the fixtures: Now, look at all small details. You may wish to consider sink faucets, light fixtures, drawer pulls, towel trucks replacement although this is a relatively small investment. These items might appear insignificant, however, updating them will make a massive difference in the bathroom. You can also check the internet for new ideas. Some of the items may be out of your budget but you can get replicates that cost less.

Bathroom remodeling can be interesting even when you are doing it for a small bathroom. Depending on the appearance that is desired there will be many options available in the home improvement stores such as mosaic tiles and with interesting designs. Also while doing the bathroom remodeling it may be a good idea to work with professionals who will provide better looks to the place. For Florida, you can use Hybrid Construction LLC who are licensed contractors and can deliver top quality services as per your requirement.