Benefits of a Contractor Property Inspection

This article was originally intended to be for REO/Foreclosure properties, however it can relate to any real estate situation.  Whether it be for residential or commercial, many people can benefit from the information we can provide, including:
– Buyers during due diligence
– Agents handling bank inventory
– Brokers
– Owners
– Real Estate Investors
We make an effort to make sure our contractor inspections are more than just an estimate.  Commercial and Residential properties are both assessed differently and each can have a different level of inspection detail, from brief to thorough, depending on the situation and the needs of the client.  Budgets are usually a critical part of any real estate decision, so we try to provide an estimate tailored to each property and each situation requested by the Owner/Agent. This allows us to be a stronger asset to the client.  Some of the benefits our clients receive include:
– Safety/Hazard Concerns
– Remodeling/Rehab Recommendations
– Repair Recommendations
– Detailed Property Photographs
– 3rd Party Consultant Coordination
– Schedules
– Budgets/Estimates (Itemized, Phased, Forecast, etc…)
We are sure that our inspections will provide great value to your property at an affordable cost.  The importance of being flexible for each client ensures that we can provide a personal and property specific inspection.  It will help fill in the missing information that everyone seems to ask about any property.  More importantly, it will help people make decisions.
Brandon Leske

Hybrid Construction LLC