Chinese Drywall Inspections

Conducting a chinese drywall inspection can involve or require a number of techniques to determine whether or not the home has been built with chinese drywall.  A home can have different levels of exposure including full house, partial house, or only a few sheets of chinese drywall.  It all depends on when it was built and which supply was used during drywall shipments.  Some of the techniques used to determine the level of chinese drywall contamination include, but are not limited to:

– Inspect all copper wiring for blackening or corrosion
– Inspect HVAC piping and coils for blackeing or corrosion
– Inspect drywall joints and labeling for manufacturer.
– Conduct air quality testing
– Remove drywall samples and perform quality tests

chinese-drywall-inspection-tampa-empHybrid Construction LLC performs Chinese Drywall inspections on a regular basis and keeps up with the current regulations, codes, and techniques for remediation.
Inspections typically take between 1-2 hours depending on the size of the home and range in cost from $150-$225, depending on location and house size.  Each report includes a detailed summary of the inspection and findings, approximate remediation costs (if necessary) as well as numerous photos of each area inspected.

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Hybrid Construction LLC