Office Remodeling Calls For Clear Planning

Office Remodeling Calls For Clear PlanningIf it’s time to do some office remodeling then you’ll need to face the fact that you’ll need to do some clear planning before the first broom hits the floor or paintbrush hits the wall.

The scenario you don’t want is to have to move all or a good part of your staff out of the office during the remodeling. However, you don’t want to risk the employees or remodeling crew stumbling over one another and causing harm and damage. That being said, if you don’t know how to do this, consult a pro as it will save you tons of time, money, and misery.

Clearly know what you want to have remodeled and get the best estimate for your budget and schedule. Let the contractors look your workspace over and let them discuss what they’ll need you and your staff to do so that things go smoothly. You’ll need to prioritize regarding production and administrative duties and let the contractors know. Sometimes they can accommodate you and other times they cannot. You’ll need to work hand in hand with them as well as your staff so that there are no mixed signals.

Work time scheduling has to be adjusted. If you need to condense the use of office materials, then so be it. If five people can use one copier instead of five copiers taking up space, then the office team should adapt without a loss in production. You don’t want to do an unsatisfactory job and lose customers, but then again, you don’t want to inhibit your contractors’ ability to do their job efficiently or you’ll be forking over more money and losing valuable time. Leave no staff member out out of the loop. If the office has to be evacuated while dangerous materials or actions have to be applied, then see if you can take your work with you. Working from home may be an option for as many as you can allow, but keep up the same discipline as you would in the office.

Before the first steps take place, you should have gone over the office remodeling plans with your staff. Making sure each is comfortable with such changes. You’re looking for efficiency first, and aesthetics later. A comfortable workplace is a productive workplace. Once things are in place, like new lights, rugs, desks, paint, even new windows, you should keep an eye on your company’s statistics. Things should not go down but either stabilize at present levels or increasing. Increasing is good and if it is due to the office remodeling, all the better. It means a more rapid ROI.

The bottom line is that if you plan carefully, don’t be a nuisance, and communicate and shepherd your staff right, the office remodeling job should go smoothly. Remember, be professional and stick to your plans but don’t be so inflexible that things get dragged out and down to misery. You want your staff to do their best, your visiting customers and clients to be impressed and comfortable, and your wallet not busting loose at the seems from a bloated budget.

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