7 Easy Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen Space

7 Ways to Update Your KitchenThat moment when you think it is time to upgrade your kitchen with the latest electrical cooker but then you realize this is not going to be possible because you don’t have enough space to accommodate your stove. Well, then this could be the perfect time to think of doing a kitchen renovation. A little customization to your kitchen cabinets can lead to creation of extra space to allow you to add some kitchen equipment. Here are some ideas to help you in doing your kitchen remodel.

1. Have the right layout
If having a perfect set up kitchen is your priority, the rest would be easy to do. Think of the work triangle, the distance between the sink and refrigerator. How well do you want to space them? It is okay to have it as small as possible. And as a standard practice, the refrigerator should be positioned closer to the entrance of the room since that is the most likely destination for most people when they enter the kitchen.

2. Don’t ignore the details
Just like earrings, the hardware is an essential component of your kitchen cabinetry. It usually defines the look of your kitchen. Therefore, consider every kitchen hardware so that you enhance the elegance of your kitchen.

3. Know when to spend your money
While doing a kitchen renovation, you might easily find yourself wanting to spend your money freely by investing in expensive cabinets. But make sure you don’t splurge. Be simple and express your style and personality without breaking the bank.

4. Height is important
Typically, you can find 36-inch tall upper cabinets, but this leaves a good space on top. Go for the 42-inch models that are much better since they provide six additional inches that are equivalent to a storage shelf space. For the lofty spaces, 9-foot ceilings that have stacked upper cabinets offer great storage.

5. Light it up
The first thing you do when you walk into a kitchen is to stare at the ceiling and check out the lights. Everyone tends to do this. For that reason, try to put stunning light fixtures over the islands, the sink and breakfast nook. You want to establish a visual hierarchy of the ceiling light fixtures. One zone can act like a star while the rest support characters to make your kitchen appear like a Christmas tree.

6. Be floored
Your kitchen flooring is another area that you should not forget when you are thinking of doing a kitchen renovation. Remember that kitchen flooring is where faux reigns. Wooden floors should be similar to the ones in other areas of your house. This is just a way to create some elegance and sense in today’s layouts. With a 12-inch ceramic tile, you could transform your kitchen with a luxe appearance especially if you have the tiles laid out on the diagonal.

7. Think in the Long-term
You do not want to have a floor that will wear out after 1 year or kitchen cabinets that will spoil after just two years. No! When you are going to buy any kitchen equipment, make sure you go for the best quality that you can afford. If you are working on a tight budget, you should shop in this order price, finish and shape when you are choosing a faucet.
Kitchen remodeling is essential to either improve the current state of your kitchen or make it look better. While these are some of the key things you can consider when planning for a kitchen renovation, Hybrid Construction provides you with lots of kitchen remodeling ideas that you can read and apply in your kitchen renovation process.

Image credit: stacyreyes