Top 3 Trends in Bathroom Remodeling in 2018

Top 3 trends in bathroom remodeling in 2018We’ve reached a point in which having a regular bathroom is considered boring and a lot of people are remodeling them, to add a bit of personality. In fact, according to a report from HomeAdvisor, the bathroom is nowadays the most remodeled room in the house, as more and more products aimed at improving their functionality and looks being available.

If this sounds familiar and you’re planning to do some bathroom remodeling yourself, we’ve put together a short list with some of the most popular trends of the moment. Because you do want to have a great looking place, right?

Faux flooring is the thing to have

Sure, wood flooring is popular throughout the home, but for a wet location like the bathroom, you should considering something else. This is why wood-look porcelain-tile planks are one of the hottest choices of the moment!

We’re talking about tiles looking exactly like wood – whether it’s cherry, ask, redwood, or oak – not to mention that they’re water resistant, so you can step directly on them after getting off the shower. Oh, and they do have a texturized grain surface, reducing the risk of slipping.

Water-efficient fixtures

We just can’t ignore the fact that water costs are on the rise when thinking about a bathroom remodeling, so everything should be done with one thing in mind: maintaining water efficiency. No, we’re not talking about sacrificing performance when choosing efficient fixtures, as some fixtures, like toilets, for example, meet such requirements. Shower heads, on the other side, need to be as efficient as possible.

Most models are real water wasters, as they spray more water than one actually needs during a shower. Try opting for shower heads that use no more than 2 gallons of water per minute and your bathroom’s water efficiency will be on the rise.

High-tech fixtures

Technology is basically anywhere nowadays and this is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it can make our lives easier and more enjoyable, even in the bathroom.

When considering a bathroom remodeling, take into account the fact that you can integrate technology with ease. For example, if you want to put together a smart home network, you have the possibility of controlling everything in the bathroom directly from your smartphone, tablet, PC, or even a voice-controlled personal assistant, like Amazon Alexa.

We’re thinking about turning the water on and off when you want a hot bath, adjusting the temperature or even setting the lights, if you want to have a moment just for yourself.

Oh, and let’s not forget about smart toilets, which are already a thing in bathroom remodeling. Besides having built-in bidets, they also come with embedded speakers, for those…special moments, as well as heated seats, for the cold mornings.

Basically, the possibilities are endless and, as long as the budget is not a big issue, you can have a revolutionary bathroom, in terms of both looks and functionality. However, all these can be a bit difficult to be put together, especially if you don’t have any experience in remodeling. But this is where Hybrid Construction comes in.

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