Tips for Deciding Whether you Should Tackle a Kitchen Remodel

Deciding Whether you Should Tackle a Kitchen RemodelWhen you think of a kitchen remodel you probably don’t think about what it’ll feel like when your cabinets are torn out, floors pulled up, and water turned off. While you may be dreaming of a new kitchen, even making all the hard decisions to make it happen, there’s still something you might not have thought about: Where will you stay once you’ve hired the contractor, selected the style, and started the entire project?

A Survey’s Answer to This Question

The home remodeling and design website Houzz found that if you stay in your home throughout a kitchen remodel, you’ll undergo less stress. This is something they discovered when they questioned 1,300 people in a 2019 Kitchen Trends Study. The result was that about 66% of those who live in their home throughout the remodeling process said they experienced less stress than those who stayed with family or friends during this time, took a vacation while the work was being done, or spend time at a local hotel.

One reason for this may be the added cost upon the stress the family is already undergoing throughout this time. Since you should already expect to spend about 10% more this year on a kitchen remodel than you’d spend in 2018 you’re already spending more money that you want. Typically, this cost is around $33,000 which is why it’s one of the most expensive home remodels you can undertake.

What Today’s Homeowners are Spending Money On

This same survey that was conducted by Houzz found that there are some renovations that are more popular than others. These include:

  • Including some of the latest advancements in technology like upgraded faucets, fingerprint-free coatings, touch-free activation, voice technology, and wireless controls are becoming popular. Other common items being added to kitchens today include TV screens, docking and charging stations, home assistants, dedicated tablets, and wireless or Bluetooth speakers. Some say that today’s kitchen is like a home’s air traffic control center because of all the rapid advancements that have occurred in wireless and voice technology.
  • Today’s style is more transitional whereas in the past contemporary and farmhouse styles were more popular. This means that today’s kitchen includes both contemporary and traditional design elements, making it eclectic in nature as it mixes both natural and manmade materials, finishes, and textures. Anyone who still wants a matching finish on their faucet, cabinet door, entry door hardware, and light fixtures will typically opt for brushed or satin nickel. Others are combining matte nickel, satin black, or oil-rubbed bronze.
  • Shaker-style cabinets with recessed-panel doors are popular among 43% of those who are undertaking a kitchen remodel while about 11% choose gray then pair them with brushed or satin nickel hardware. Many of these folks will then opt for special customizations like pullout waste or recycling drawers and organizers for trays.
  • White still dominates walls, cabinets, and counters, but one in 10 people will upgrade their appliances to black stainless steel.

Tips for Staying Put During a Kitchen Remodel

When you choose to stay put throughout the remodeling process you’ll need to adapt to life without a fully functioning kitchen. This can be challenging since it’s the busiest room in a home. Nevertheless, it’s something that you can do if you take a little time to set up an alternative cooking station and dining room in your home. Whether you set this up in your basement, garage, or utility room, make sure you have a sink nearby.

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