Ideas For A Kitchen Remodel

Ideas For A Kitchen RemodelThe heart of your home lies in your kitchen therefore it is a good idea to have the place stylish and functional. Let’s take a look at the top trends in the kitchen design that will aid you in achieving both these goals. These ideas will give you an up-to-date feel without compromising the functionality in the process. The kitchen remodeling ideas will also update your family cooking, eating, and socializing and will help in creating a stylish, eco-friendly, and practical kitchen.

1. Addition of an island sink: Kitchen islands are a popular trend for a kitchen remodel. Modern ideas are extending the idea further. These days there is ample space available in the kitchen for a two kitchen look. This also opens up the room to allow greater walking area between two units rather than having to go around the larger island. One of the hotter ideas these days in installing a second sink on to one of the islands. It may be smaller than the main sink but it will give you an area where the help can wash hands, rinse vegetables, and fill up the drinking water glasses.

2. Use color to infuse the space: Many people are used to white kitchens and stainless steel appliances. But you will be surprised to find out how colorful home kitchens are these days. A lot of homeowners are adding a dash of color in all kinds of places throughout their kitchens for kitchen remodeling purposes. Cabinets can be installed in vibrant shades, or you may paint the focal wall with bright colors. You can end up giving the room a feel of a rainbow. Even the appliances are getting a facelift with color these days. You can get designer refrigerators and stoves with playful colors.

3. Creation of kitchen activity zones: It is possible to zone your kitchen as well. Homeowners these days are not tied up with the conventional kitchen countertops. The innovative marketplace these days permits you to create with a mix and match approach that gives you utility with aesthetic appeal. Some zoned countertops will get a daily workout with family meal preparations while others are used for fresh food preparation or baking. Some zones even serve as home offices with sufficient room for a computer, phone, and workspace for both adults and children.

4. Have additional lighting: When you have a bright kitchen if feels open and inviting. It also makes it easy to visualize the things you are working on inside the kitchen with a lot of light. If you have large statement lights on top of an island it will lead to a great focal point in the room. However, these lights are not capable of lighting the entire room. A better idea is to have multiple light sources throughout the room. You may also place recessed lights in the ceiling and light up the insides of the cabinets or install lighting under the shelves or cabinets. LED bulbs will be ideal for these applications.

5. Open shelving: Most modern kitchens are getting rid of high cabinets. There is an inclination to leave the space open which allows the kitchen to feel roomier and light. However, it is significant that there is sufficient storage space available in the kitchen and open shelving can provide it without compromising on the aesthetic side. Shelves can be installed right throughout or in key places.

If you perform kitchen remodeling that blends your taste with the best modern design trends it will become your favorite place in the home. If you live in the Tampa, FL area you can take the help of Hybrid Construction LLC for your kitchen remodel. They can provide a kitchen of your dreams. Call them now to set up an appointment.

Picture Credit: Pexels