Is A Container Home Right For You?

Container homes are becoming a hot commodityContainer homes are becoming a hot commodity right now. Straight out of the mouths of a general contractor in Tampa, this trend is making its way to the sunshine state.

These cargo containers mostly sit empty after having goods shipped in them. Rather than sending them back, companies are finding it is just cheaper to purchase another one when needed. Folks do not need to worry about having hazardous materials used to manufacture them, as none of the materials pose a threat.

Many individuals are picking to live in a 40-foot box constructed out of metal in an attempt to save some extra cash. A general contractor in Tampa can charge quite a bit less for a home remodel, making these container homes unbelievably reasonably priced. Many US citizens who cannot afford a traditional home may find they are able to afford one of these unique homes. These homes generally are priced between $120 to $300 per square foot. On the contrary, the average cost of a conventional house typically will run over $200 per square foot.

The more cash you save when constructing your home and buying appliances, the more dough you will have to buy extravagant things. You may find now you can purchase higher quality furnishings, equipment and still have funds left for other comforts such as a hot tub, water purification system, an outdoor kitchen, a large fire pit, and other extravagances. The entire home remodel can be completed in a timely fashion as well, many in just a few weeks!

A huge advantage to having a container home is that they are durable. They are made to be at sea. Therefore, they can withstand some harsh elements. They rust very little over time- in fact, in a span of 100 years, if they are exposed, they will rust only one millimeter. If you are willing to put in the maintenance to care for them, they will last for centuries.

If customization is important to you, a container home can be fully customized. Your home remodel vision may include high ceilings, one side of the container full of windows, a wrap-around porch, a spiral staircase, and more! The sky can truly be the limit when customizing your home.

Prior to having a container home remodel, be sure to look at the zoning rules and regulations in your area. You may also need to obtain a building permit. Another factor is if the shipping container will need offsite construction completed on it before being delivered to your property.

If you are interested in a container home or traditional home remodel, contact Hybrid Construction LLC. This licensed general contractor in Tampa is dedicated to meeting your needs and staying within your budget. With a highly reliable and professional reputation, we strive to provide top-notch service.

Picture Credit: Unsplash