The Top 3 Bathroom Remodeling Trends That Will Dominate 2020

The Top 3 Bathroom Remodeling Trends That Will Dominate 2020Ok, so it’s settled: you’re planning to give your home a new look and the bathroom will get some special attention. That’s great news!

Still, before starting, you should take a look at the latest trends, for a bit of inspiration. And since the…throne room is the one you’re going to focus a bit more one, let’s talk about some bathroom remodeling ideas.

Add a bit of color

Forget about the times when bathrooms were just plain white walls, white bathtub, white everything. That’s boring and you don’t want that.

2020 will be all about colorful bathrooms, able to transform the entire room. And the Design Show in Milano, some of the colors to consider if you start a bathroom remodeling project are champagne, pumpkin red, and light yellow.

Picture this combination for a moment. Looks good, right?

However, since we’re talking about some in-your-face colors, it’s very important to integrate them smoothly in the bathroom, without making anything look like ‘too much’.

Obviously, these are just some suggestions, as you’re free to pick any colors you want. Just make sure you stick to three core colors, while a fourth one should be used just for some personal touches. Use a color palette to make sure you pick complementary colors!

Give the biophilic design a try

A relatively new trend, biophilic design is simple to understand: putting the man in touch with nature. And you can start developing this relationship while redecorating your bathroom.

As a side note, it has been proven that being surrounded by nature helps us be more efficient and calm. Sure, this isn’t necessarily needed while in a bathroom, but in terms of looks, it looks really awesome!

For starters, you can consider a wall with greenery or natural material tiles. A standalone tub, combined with a sink with an odd shape will surely inspire natural shapes and make anybody who enters your bathroom feel closer to nature.

Oh, and the colors are very important: whites can work, but only combined with some greys and greens.

Open showers, a stylish pick

When it comes to showers, there are tons of options to choose from. Still, 2020 will be all about open-concept, Italian-inspired showers. Consider this when beginning your bathroom remodeling project.

Specifically, we’re talking about a tub included in the shower area, separated from the rest of the room through a glass wall. It creates the impression of a lot of space, not to mention that it looks incredibly modern!

However, there’s one important aspect we should discuss: practicality. Sure, a shower-batch can be a good idea and look great, but presuming that you’re using it daily it’s not really practical, as any water and soap residues will end up at the bottom of the shower. So, here’s a better idea, if space allows it: a separate bathtub, for those relaxing moments, and a separate open shower.

It requires a bigger investment, we know, but the visual impact will be amazing.

And this wraps it up! These are just three of the bathroom remodeling trends able to dominate 2020 if you ask us.

At first, they might seem like…excentric ideas, but after taking a quick look at bathrooms designed with these trends in mind you will understand why they are present on this list.

Or, if you want to leave this to professionals, make sure you get in touch with Hybrid Construction LLC.

From remodeling to new construction, the entire team is dedicated to working with you and successfully implementing a solution that meets your needs!

Picture Credit: topdollardj