Kitchen Improvement Projects During Coronavirus Pandemic

Kitchen Improvement Projects During Coronavirus PandemicAs the people of America slowly adjust to the spread of coronavirus, you will find most of the states have implemented the stay at home orders. As you grapple with the thoughts of paying rent and wondering whether you are heading toward a recession, there is another pertinent question that needs an answer. What should you do while being stuck at home? There is only so much TV you can binge-watch before you find yourself getting restless. So here is an opportunity to tackle those long-pending home improvement and especially the kitchen improvement projects. Here are some easy home improvement projects you can carry out while being at home.

1. Get the special occasion dinnerware out: There isn’t any better time than present to add a bit more color to the table. Therefore, take out china, fancy wine glasses, and special silverware. Due to the fact that everyone is eating at home, there is a perfect opportunity to sip a bit of wine in a stylish glass or savor food by using your favorite pieces. You can think about hosting a virtual dinner party.

2. Clean the kitchen drawers: This must be one of the tasks you have put off when you didn’t have the time. The kitchen drawers take a lot of abuse and after emptying them you may find debris, broken kitchen appliances, etc. Once you free the insides of the drawers from junk toss away the rubbish and keep only the good ones.

3. Clean the closets: Let’s face the facts. Even the cleanliest people among us have messy closets in the kitchen. It is time to set this right. Begin by taking out all the things from the closet, purge the things that are not needed, and clean the interiors. If it is the kitchen trolley, sort the utensils by their types such as spoons, dishes, bowls, etc. Be sure to take care of delicate items and you stack the thick once such as dishes. Place the most used items in the front and the rarely used or seasonal items will go in the back.

4. Moisturize the wooden cutting boards: Do you remember the beautiful wooden cutting board you used for cheese and charcuterie? When did you moisturize the board the last time? For preventing the board from cracking or warping, oil the board and spoons once every month. Begin by cleaning the boards and allowing them to dry. You can use food-grade oils such as mineral oils or beeswax and allow the board to soak overnight before cleaning it.

5. Take Stock: Clean the liquor cabinet and the spice shelf. Try to figure out the things you have and what you are missing. There is no way that you are going to be aware of the presence of three bottles of Cointreau or two bottles of Smirnoff unless you take stock.

6. Clean the kitchen appliances: Most people among us, clean the refrigerator and also clean the stove regularly. But other items are neglected quite often. You can hand-wash the detachable parts of the coffee maker and run the machine by using distilled water. Empty the toaster oven along with the trap door and shake the appliance on top of the sink for removing the loose crumbs. The instant pot can be deep cleaned by wiping the cooking chamber using a damp cloth. You can wash the silicone sealing ring in soapy and hot water and run a cycle of water. You can use lemon peels and white vinegar for removing odor.

If you have any home improvement ideas that will need the help of professionals you can get in touch with Hybrid Construction LLC. They will offer good advice about kitchen improvement as well. You can do many things for home remodeling and lead a healthy life. You can bring into practice several other kitchen improvement ideas to make the kitchen a better place.

Picture Credit: Pexels