The Best Home Improvements To Make

The Best Home Improvements To MakeHome improvements can help up the value of your house. Many times the cost for these improvements may seem high, but over time, they can pay for themselves. And sometimes, the costs are minimal, such as changing your furnace filter. Best of all, quite a few of these improvements can aid your health. Here we will talk about the best home improvements you can make to your home for not only added value but also for your health.

Was your home built before 1978? If so, you may have lead in the paint that was used for the walls. Any renovations that are done on the home will need to have a lead test run first. If you are just repainting, you can paint over the old paint. But do not sand anything until you have done the test. Whatever paint you use, be sure to look for one that is Green-sealed certified and have no VOCs. Paints that are Green-sealed certified do not have any carcinogens in them, nor any heavy metals.

Have you ever considered a new mattress? If so, did you know that many mattresses have chemicals in them? Quite a few mattresses have organohalogen flame retardants (OFRs) in them. When shopping for a new mattress, look for ones that are certified chemical-free.

Sadly, natural wood is laced with harmful chemicals. Formaldehyde is often found in particleboard or pressed wood. This chemical can cause issues with the skin and has been linked to cancer. Look for hard grown wood that is CARB-compliant, meaning they adhere to California’s strict air resource board.

Who would not be in love with a vacuuming system that does all the work for you? A central vacuum system is very powerful, more so than a regular vacuum. More dirt and allergens can easily be picked up with this type of system.

Drinking water may not be something that you think of as home improvement, but by replacing the whole house water filter, you can keep your family a lot safer. Many homes across America are facing the water that is filled with chlorine, lead, and other chemicals. This system will be a lot healthier for you as it will not be contaminated with these harsh toxins.

Do you hear a lot of noise in your home? Consider soundproofing your home. Sound dampening materials will keep all sorts of noises out, such as car alarms, dogs barking, kids yelling, sirens blaring, and more. Extra drywall and acoustic tiles are a great place to start. You can also fill in the cracks around the windows to help lessen the sound.

If you need to do any plastering, consider lime plaster. Not only will this plaster, which goes over drywall, reduce the chances of any cracking, but it also inhibits mold growth. It is also weather resistant.

A radon detector is necessary for any home. Radon leads to lung cancer. It is imperative to install one in your basement to check the levels as at least 1 in every 15 houses in American has high radon levels.

Energy-efficient windows are a great home improvement for your pocketbook and your health. They will allow less energy in both heating and cooling to be used, and they will also allow sunshine to stream in. This is perfect for days when you need motivation or are just feeling blah.

If you are interested in having home improvements done to your house, leave the work to a professional, such as Hybrid Construction, LLC. They can provide you with the best service for adding value to your home.

Picture Credit: Unsplash