Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair In Tampa, FL

Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair In Tampa, FLHeat pumps are a great option for home temperature control. They can keep your home cool during harsh summers and keep your home warm during cold winters. Heat pumps are particularly effective because they control both heating and cooling in one system and are great energy savers over the long term. Since they control the temperature year-round and see tremendous use, it is important to take action whenever you suspect you may need heat pump repair.

Here we’ll show you some signs and signals that you need repairs.

Changes In Cycle Length

Generally, when you run your heat pump it runs for a set length to warm or cool your home based on your temperature setting. If you notice that the heat pump cuts off prematurely before reaching temperature or that it runs for a long time before cutting off, these are signs that you need heat pump repairs. Anything from dirt to faulty equipment can cause changes in heating or cooling cycles. If your heat pump is experiencing these issues, you are simply wasting energy and not properly heating or cooling your home.

Unexpected or Loud Noise

If your heat pump begins to suddenly make loud screeching, banging, or clunking noises, this is a sign that something is majorly out of order and you need professional heat pump repair. While there aren’t a lot of moving components to a heat pump, they still wear down over time and lose lubricant. This can cause parts to start grinding together, eventually, these components will break down and the heat pump will make noise as it happens. If this happens, your heat pump needs immediate attention. By addressing any noises quickly, you can often save yourself expensive heat pump repairs and restore your heat pump to maximum efficiency.

Higher Energy Bills

Heat pumps are made to heat and cool your home efficiently. Any large spikes in energy consumption, and therefore energy bills are a sign that you need heat pump repair. If you’re not sure if you’re using more energy, an easy way to tell is to compare your monthly energy bills. A faulty heat pump will usually use more energy thanks to longer running cycles or less effective heating and cooling. While heat pumps are energy-efficient systems, if they run a lot more than they should due to a problem, your energy bills will spike noticeably.

These are some of the more prominent signs that you need heat pump repair. Routine maintenance is always suggested to keep your heat pump running as best It can but if one of these problems occurs, you may need to call in a professional technician.

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