New Bathroom Tech Innovations you Don’t Want to Live Without

Latest Bathroom Tech InnovationsSmart homes are quite popular today. Technology has evolved to the point that it’s now living in our bathrooms. There’s an unbelievable amount of potential here, especially in regards to saving water and making the bathroom more hygienic.

Some of the technological advancements you may wish to include in your next bathroom remodel include:
High-tech faucets are moving beyond infrared sensors. Although this is a practical item to include in any bathroom remodel since it prevents the spread of germs, you’ll also want to install an electronic timer to use when brushing your teeth. This lets you know that you’ve brushed for the recommended two minutes.

Fancy toilets that save you water, warm the seat, move the lid for you, spritz you so you don’t need water (known as a bidet), and clean itself are all wonderful additions. These things will save you money on toilet paper while keeping your hands cleaner. Warm seats are also a welcome addition when you live in a cold climate. Of course, many women will also welcome seats that go up and down as you approach since they’ll put an end to many fights. If you can afford $6,400 you can buy a Kohler Numi toilet that doesn’t only do these things, but a lot more. It also cleans itself, warms your feet, has programmable LED lighting integrated into the bidet and has a dual flush mechanism too.

Technologically advanced bathtubs will also make your bath time more relaxing and efficient. They have a chromatherapy function that uses colored lights that are embedded in the tub to enhance your mood. You can also control the water’s temperature so you have a uniform temperature that allows you to sit in the water right away. Additionally, it’s now possible to have spa-like air jets built-in your tub making it more like a hot tub that offers everything from a light whirlpool to a deep massage. While sitting there enjoying the perfect water pressure, you can even listen to music or watch TV through an electronic panel. You can also use these tech advancements in your walk-in shower too simply by installing a different type of system.

Added luxuries beyond your toilet and bathtub or shower are also available for your bathroom remodel. These will make your time in the bathroom more pleasant and productive. For instance, if you enjoy a cool glass of wine while soaking in the tub you can install a small cooler in your bathroom.

Automated bathrooms are no longer a thing of the future. They’re a part of your bathroom remodel today. Now you can walk in and have the lights turn on, the toilet seat lift or close automatically, the tub empties automatically, and the water turn on when you place your hands under the faucet’s sensor.

When you start feeling as though you can’t live without these features, maybe it’s time for a bathroom remodel of your own. Call upon Hybrid Construction LLC and their 10+ years of experience to help you with this. Their high-quality standards coupled with their contractors‘ dependability will make you glad you did.

Image credit: Kohler