What Are 203K Rehab Loans From FHA?

What Are 203K Rehab Loans From FHA?Lenders from FHA are known to be sticklers when they take into consideration the condition of properties for lending money. Different things such as exposed wiring, peeling paint, inadequate crawl space, three layers of roofing, unstrapped water heaters, and settlement cracks in driveways are some of the several red flags when it comes to FHA lending. If you can make just a small down payment what are the alternatives for buying that dream house? There is one and it is called 203K rehab loan from FHA.

Details of 203K rehab loan

This 203K rehab loan from FHA has the same down payment as that of conventional FHA loans. However, it allows you to also borrow money for completing different repair work together with the money required for buying this property. You can now safely go out to look for a dream home with your real estate agent and mention on your contract that you will be seeking a 203K rehab loan from FHA for finance. You will have to develop a detailed proposal indicating the scope of different activities that need to be completed. Also, include a detailed estimate of all repair activities or project improvement activities while presenting your document to your lender.

Using repair funds

An appraiser from FHA will come to this property for deciding its value after all necessary renovations are completed. This will be the amount this lender will be willing to offer for your project. For instance, if the current selling value of this house is $1,30,000 but after completing your repair it will go up to $1, 60,000, you are going to get access to this additional $30,000 for using as repair money. This repair money is deposited in an escrow account and may be accessed by using different draws for your completed repair work.

You can get around 6 mortgage payments into the cost of rehabilitation in case you will not be residing in this property during construction. But the amount of these installments will not exceed more than the time you have stipulated for completing the rehab work. This facility allows you to avoid having to pay for two mortgage payments because you are living in a single residence and are working on the second.

Bids from contractors

You will be required to get bids from various contractors for every repair work to be completed. You may decide to complete some smaller work by yourself, however; it is a good idea to get this clarified from the lender initially. If you complete some of the work by yourself you may get reimbursed just for the material cost incurred and not your labor.

If you are looking to get a 203K rehab loan from FHA in Tampa, FL area for property repair, get in touch with Hybrid Construction for an estimate. There are many advantages of using 203K rehab loans just keep them in mind while buying or reworking on your new property.

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