6 Great Benefits Of Moving To Tampa

6 Great Benefits Of Moving To TampaTampa is an ideal place for people looking to live a comfortable metropolitan life with the flexibility to enjoy living near the beach. The state of Florida offers you innumerable options to spend your vacations making it difficult for you to consider a single place when moving from another place. However, when you considering Tampa, there are several advantages. Some of them are:

Cost-effective Housing and No Income Tax

Cost of living is an important factor when living in any city. After all, you must consider the value, you get for your money. Living in Tampa gives you the flexibility to buy a house near the beach without earning a six-figure income. The cost of essentials and housing is comparatively affordable compared to the other metropolitan cities of the country. Additionally, you are not charged any state income tax in Tampa, and property taxes are as low as 2%.

Diverse and Big School Districts

You don’t need to worry when it comes to sending your children to schools in Tampa. You can choose from several quality options including the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa. County School District of Hillsborough services the younger children and is the 8th largest school district in the country. Hence students get access to loads of resources thanks to the expansive network.


Young people love Tampa due to the year-long sunshine the city receives. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year and winters are comparatively bearable. Besides if you are a water lover, you may access the beach anytime during the day. Also, the idea of staying at your own home and kayaking in the waters along the Tampa riverwalk does sound exciting. Additionally, warm temperatures offer you the perfect conditions to celebrate festivals offering you plenty of activities to indulge in throughout the year.

Growth Opportunities

Each one of us prefers living in a city that offers job security and ample growth opportunities. Tampa is one such city and ranks at the 4th spot among the cities offering lucrative job opportunities in the country. You would be pleased to know that the unemployment rate stood at 3% in 2018 which is below the national and state averages. Presently you have opportunities for multiple industries for both entry-level and top-level jobs.

Opportunities To Start or Expand Your Business

Besides attracting new residents, Tampa is also known for its business-friendly environment. Mosaic is a Fortune 500 company that had recently relocated to Tampa. Other well-known companies such as the Frank Recruitment Group specializing in IT staffing originally from England has an office here. These two companies along with several globally recognized entities are creating thousands of job opportunities in Tampa.

Awesome Restaurants

The Cuban sandwich is a popular culinary that has made Tampa famous. But options are not limited to that but you have diverse food choices on offer. There are numerous restaurants spread across the city offering innumerable food options. You get everything from Latin-inspired food trucks to table spots to farms to explore all sorts of cuisines. Datz, Armature Works, Bern’s Steak House, and several others are popular.

Now that you have decided to move to Tampa, you need to plan your relocation. First, you must search for a new home that not only suits your taste but your budget as well. You may search online or consult a local broker in Tampa to check out options. Doing your research and filtering them as per your parameters will help you figure out the best locations and suitable houses. After you have narrowed down your choices, you should personally visit each of them before finalizing a property. You should also book a relocation package from a reliable moving company to transport belongings to your new home.

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