Brick House vs. Wood House – You Decide

Wood vs. Brick Houses: Which Is Best for You?If you are looking at the housing market, you know there are several types of homes to pick from. One-story, two-story, Craftsman, Multi-Family, ranch home, etc… the list could go on and on. Today we will take a peek at whether brick or wooden house is better suited for you.

There are pros and cons to purchasing both brick and wooden houses. Both make great homes, and either would be wonderful for raising a family. It is just a matter of deciding which material is the best for you.

A huge benefit of these homes is that they provide fantastic insulation. Therefore, if you live in a cold portion of the world, brick can keep your entire family toasty. On the contrary, if you live in a warm climate, the insulation will provide for a cool interior.

Brick homes absorb humidity to keep the residence dry if you are worried about humidity.

While we said brick residences are a great investment, this does come with a price. One downside to these homes is that they will have a higher cost to build.

Another con is that if you want your home to look different than others, you only have so many choices with brick. You may only have a few layouts to pick from, depending on what construction company you choose.

Maintenance is also something to consider when deciding if a brick is right for your home. It generally will take more to maintain brick than wood. Repointing the house can be much more costly than replacing vinyl siding, which is generally used for wooden homes.

If you want to have vegetation growing close to your home, brick houses may not be for you. Something as simple as ivy growing up in your home could destroy the brick.

You will also want to look at where you are living if you desire to have bricks for a material. Those places that have earthquakes are not good for brick homes, as brick has been proven to be rather unstable. Brick also has a tendency to erode in the mountains, valleys, and lake regions.

Over 90% of the homes right now are being built with wood. This is most likely because a wood house will be built faster and is less expensive than those homes made from brick. In general, building a wooden home costs between $150 to $400 per square foot.

But why do timber homes go up faster than brick? Simple…wood is much lighter and easier to work with than brick. Wood is fast to dry, so once the frame is up, other contractors, such as electricians, drywallers, and plumbers, can come in to finish out the home.

Timber also makes for a good thermal insulator. This is perfect for cold climates because the lumber will absorb the warmness. Besides this, wood provides noise dampening and absorbs some humidity.

Wood is also great for those that like to personalize their style. With so many great looks, all wood homes do not need to look the same.

Just as there are pros to wooden residences, there are also drawbacks. If there is a fire, tornado, or another natural disaster, lumber may not hold up as well as brick does.

Lumber also has a tendency to mold and may also rot.

Others have found that pests can be an issue when the home is constructed from wood. Carpenter ants, termites, and wood borers are some of the creatures that eat away at a wooden structure. This can happen rather quickly, so if you are not aware of it, damages can occur in a short span of time.

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Picture Credit: Pixabay