Crown Molding Installation Tips

installing crown molding

Crown Molding is an elegant method often used in home remodel projects. It can be completed by a general contractor or as a DIY project. If you want to complete it yourself, here are the basic ways to cut and install it.

Before beginning your home remodel project, a general contractor will tell you it is a good idea to obtain some samples of the crown molding you like to determine which style will go best with your home. Hold them in place against the ceiling to determine which style you like the best.

First off, you will need to assemble the tools you will need. These include an air compressor, miter saw, level, rasp, tape measure, Brad nail gun, coping saw, utility knife, and an air hose. You will also need masking tape.

You will then want to do a sketch of your room, being sure to write measurements down. This will allow you to calculate how many pieces you will need for each wall you are remodeling. Be sure to purchase two pieces of base trim for each wall, as well as one piece of crown molding.

At this point, you will need to place masking tape around the ceilings and walls so there is approximately one-half an inch covered up by the rail trim. Use chalk to mark the rail trim, then locate the ceiling joists and studs. You will want to start on the longest wall and work to the right. Be sure to use construction adhesive to the rail, even if you are able to nail into the stud.

One tip from a general contractor for a home remodeling project is to measure correctly by employing the two-step method. Begin by measuring from a corner and making a mark. Then, take the measurement from the opposite corner to the mark and combine both numbers.

A general contractor might tell you they get asked why one should cope as it is a slow, finicky operation. Some will say, why cope with molding when one can simply miter trim at the inner corners? Their response is that wall corners aren’t generally square, and coped joints fit snuggly even when corners are terribly out of square. No matter if one is placing crown molding, chair rails, or baseboard, coping with molding is quicker than locating the correct miter angle by experimentation. Should one actually wish to dodge molding coping by employing corner blocks? These ornamental blocks are situated on both the interior and exterior corners.

Another tip that a general contractor may offer is to remove anything from the room that you can. You may find you require all the space to move around as some pieces of the trim may be longer than the room.

Also, be sure to have the miter saw be mobile. You will be required to move the saw from one end of the room to the other to accommodate the longer trim pieces.

Any floors with carpet should be protected by drop cloths. If you have hardwood floors, use cardboard or hardboard for protection. You may work a lot quicker if you are not apprehensive about being destructive to the floor.

If you are near the Tampa Bay Area and feel overwhelmed by the task of installing crown molding, or if you are considering a renovation project for your home or business, Hybrid Construction can help. This general contractor company offers free estimates to help you find the best solution that suits your needs.

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