6 Lessons Learned When Remodeling Your Office

Tips for Office Renovation SuccessWhen your business outgrows its workspace the answer isn’t necessarily to simply add more space. Sometimes the answer lies in increased employee collaboration, engagement, and innovation instead. If you’re willing to consider this type of office remodel, then there are some things you should think about beforehand.

Create a Personal Space – Your Employees Need It

When you move to an open office plan your employees still need somewhere to keep the knickknacks and personal momentos they’ve accumulated on their desks. One of the best ways of doing this is by providing everyone, even flex workers, a locker. This allows them to never worry about these items, freeing them up to move about the office and enjoy sitting wherever they want. Allowing them to make this choice gives them the privilege of working in locations that suit them best.

Everyone Needs a Window

Unfortunately hierarchy usually determines who gets a window. However, during an office remodel you have the opportunity to remedy this. You’re no longer dependent on the traditional office setup. As such, you should keep the areas closest to the windows free for everyone to use.

Less Paper Requires Less Space

When you’re doing an office remodel it’s also a great time to help people see that they don’t need paper. Once they realize this, they find that they’re fine with less space. This is because they notice that only a small part of their desk was actually used for working space. They were using the rest for project piles and personal items.

You can always replace paper with large, dual monitors so that your employees can view multiple digital documents when necessary. Since you’re opening up your office space, make sure you have areas to layout and share documents. Of course, these are just a few of the great options available here. The important thing to remember is that employees need to have the right tools in place so that they can engage in their necessary tasks.

Open Space Works for Everyone

Everyone will love when you make an office remodel so you have an open office environment. Even your shy employees will enjoy it because they can interact with their coworkers without much effort. When they get to know those around them, they feel more “attached” to your company. This is true for everyone from new employees to those who are in senior-level positions.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Quiet Space

In the same way that your shy employees will like this office remodel, it’s also important to remember that extroverts also need quiet spaces. This is because today’s high-stimulation environments can easily make you feel overwhelmed. With this in mind, you do need to build in some quiet spaces. These are also great for when you’re making personal phone calls or having a virtual conference call. Quiet spaces really do improve employees’ productivity, engagement, and well-being.

New Office Space Means new Mentoring Opportunities

Creating an open office allows your employees to move around and meet new people. In doing so they can share ideas with other staff, regardless of their position within your business. This allows your staff to grow stronger and more knowledgeable.

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