Spruce Up Your Home With A Bathroom Remodeling Project

Spruce Up Your Home With A Bathroom Remodeling ProjectWith the days getting longer, people often begin to have more energy. This often means making a list of things to do around the house. Many times these projects wind up being make-overs. Now is the perfect time to spruce up your home with a bathroom remodeling project.

A bathroom remodeling project is a great way to up the value of your home. And in all honesty, these plans often do not need to cost a lot of money! Many individuals in Tampa have told us that one of the best ways they found to change the look of a bathroom is to lighten the color of your bathroom up. Dark bathrooms tend to look smaller than they really are. So open up space with lighter hues, such as light blue, a lemon yellow hue, or even white or cream. A vanity top with light marbled hues looks amazing paired up with white cabinetry.

Does your bathroom ever feel cluttered? Quite a few people say that a bathroom is often a dropping place for dirty clothes, used towels, jewelry, magazines, empty bottles, and more. Tampa families report having bottles of sunscreen, aloe vera gel, tanning lotions, beach towels, and swimsuit cluttering their bathroom counters and closets. Now is the time to devote a space to these items, such as one shelf in the closet or even completely taking them out of the bathroom and storing them in the linen closet or a wicker basket elsewhere.

If your bathroom looks dingy, it may be time to scrub it until it shines! If your bathroom remodeling project is small, a good cleaning can help make the rest of the bathroom look and feel better. Clean every inch of the bathroom, removing anything that is hanging up, such as the shower curtain or any picture frames. Dust every single surface, wiping down with a damp cloth to remove dust bunnies. Clean grout until it looks brand new, scour the sink and tub until it sparkles, and scrub the floors until they are clean enough to eat off of!

Do you have any fixtures in your bathroom that are dated? This may include a green bathtub, a mauve toilet, or a yellow countertop? Perhaps the cabinets have been painted too many times? If so, it is time for those to go! Update your bathroom remodeling project with fixtures that will not be dated, such as a white bathtub or toilet, or brand-new cabinets. This will not only look modern but look clean and bright as well.

If you have a bathroom that does not have matching metal fixtures, now is the time to update this. Brushed metal is a popular choice this year, but if you are not into this finish, you certainly can pick shiny. As long as the faucets, hinges, shower doors, and any metal on things such as a towel rack coordinate with each other, your bathroom will look great.

Consider how much you use your bathtub? Or even when the last time you used it was. If you do not have younger kids, or everyone takes showers, it may be time to upgrade to a larger shower instead of a tub. This is a great time to add an extra sprayer, or even have one extend from the ceiling and another on the side of the shower.

If you are uncertain how to update your home with a bathroom remodeling project, consider calling Hybrid Construction, LLC. This company will be able to assist you, as they have with many in the Tampa area, spruce up their bathroom with the hottest trends.

Picture Credit: Pexels