Tips For Creating Your Dream Kitchen

Tips for Starting Your Kitchen RemodelWhen you’re ready to undertake a kitchen remodel the first thing you’ll need is a good plan. By taking the time to be meticulous about what your dream kitchen entails you’ll be sure to achieve the best possible outcome for your investment. With this in mind, here are a few tips to help you start creating this plan.

Tips for Starting Your Kitchen Remodel

You’ve probably been thinking about a kitchen remodel for a while, maybe even dreaming about it too. Now you’re getting serious and starting to plan for a kitchen remodel. Make sure you keep these tips in mind.

Create a List of “Must Have” Features
Since this is your dream kitchen you don’t want it to only be slightly better than the one you already have. Instead, you want to think about what features you’d really love to have.

  • Do you host holiday dinners? If so, maybe you want a double oven.
  • Would you like to quickly add water to your pots while they’re cooking? Consider adding a pot filler over your stove.
  • Are your doors or cabinets annoying you? Maybe you should install soft-shut drawers and hidden cabinet pulls.

Think through these questions and write down your dreams before talking to your project manager.

Consider What Issues You Have with Your Current Kitchen
Take some time to think about your current kitchen and ask yourself what you don’t like about it. Ask yourself questions like: Do I feel like my sink is in the wrong place? Does my kitchen not have enough drawers? Issues like this are easily solved with a kitchen remodel.

While you’re considering what you don’t want, you should also be considering what you do want. Taking the time to think through all of this will help you get a better idea of what your dream kitchen will look like.

Look for a Layout to Accommodate Your Needs
There are lots of kitchen layouts available to choose from. What works for you will largely depend on your kitchen’s shape and your needs. This is something you need to think about once you decide what features you want in your kitchen. With this information in mind, you can create a layout that fits all your needs.

Find Design Elements that You Like
Now for the fun part: choosing all the design elements, finishes, and colors you like. If you don’t know what style of kitchen you like best, take some time to look online for some inspiration. Finding a theme (e.g., rustic, modern, traditional) you really like will make it easier to decide what you’re looking for in a kitchen remodel.

Make sure you choose a style that flows well with the rest of your home or matches with any future renovations you’re planning. For instance, if you have a traditional home you probably don’t want a contemporary kitchen.

Once you find something you like print it out and show it to your designer. Eventually, you’ll have enough printouts that you can start piecing together a dream kitchen you’ll love for years to come.

Choose a Company You Trust to Help with Your Kitchen Remodel

Don’t put off choosing who you’ll hire to do your kitchen remodel until the last minute. When you work with us at Hybrid Construction in Tampa, FL we’ll help you with the design process too. Our project managers will help you plan your dream kitchen so it fits nicely within your budget and yet meets your present and future plans. Their experience will help you choose exactly what features you want and understand how long it’ll take you to get the project completed. So, don’t put it off any longer. Contact us today.

Picture Credit: Pexels