Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets

Painting Your Bathroom CabinetsSometimes your bathroom vanity goes dingy due to heavy exposure to the moisture and a lot of use. Many times it just looks dated. Applying paint can come to your rescue in this case as it is an easy way of refreshing the storage space. It is possible to paint both engineered wood and the solid wood used in the bathroom cabinets. It doesn’t matter whether the bathroom cabinets are sealed, unfinished, or prior painted. You need to use a meticulous technique, careful surface preparation, and the right material for the pro-quality results. Let’s look at how to save the dated vanity and make it appear new without spending too much.

Prepare the bathroom cabinets for a paint

For achieving a flawless finish for the bathroom cabinet painting job, you need to spend some time prepping up the piece for painting.

  • You can start by cleaning the surface by using a mild cleanser and remove the greasy fingerprints or smudges of toothpaste from the cabinet.
  • Remove the bathroom cabinet doors to get easier access for the painting job.
  • Remove all the knobs and hinges. Keep all the hardware in a zip-closed bag for preventing the tiny parts and screws from getting lost. -Now look over the bathroom cabinet for gouges, scratches, and holes. Fill all this by using wood putty and keep it for hardening. Smoothen the repaired area by using sand. Also, sand the remaining areas lightly to provide it the tooth necessary for the paint job. There is no need to sand off the whole existing finish.
  • Wipe out the remaining sand dust by using a damp rag.

Paint options for the bathroom cabinet

It is possible to use one of three kinds of paints for the bathroom cabinet vanity. Latex, oil-based, or chalk -finish paints. If you decide to use latex or oil-based paint you are required to use a primer in the beginning. During the past years, the oil-based paint was normally preferred for bathroom cabinets or for those in the kitchen as they have excellent leveling properties and provide a finish that is resistant to chipping. But oil paint has a pungent odor and it is difficult to clean.

The developments in the field of latex paints mean they are almost as durable as the oil paints. The water-based paints can be used for windows, doors, and trim. They are an excellent choice for bathroom cabinets as they have an additional hardener and come with good leveling properties. Both oil paint and latex need a coat of primer on the vanity before they are painted.

The third option is using chalk-finish paint. Several furniture painters enjoy the ease of painting associated with chalk-finish paints. This is possible because it doesn’t need a primer coat in the beginning. There are several brands available for the chalk-finish paints in the market.

Painting the bathroom cabinet

While using the oil paint or latex paints you need to use the primer. When you are using the chalk paint you can go directly to painting. You can follow the wood grain of the bathroom cabinet when applying your paint. Allow the first hand to dry and then add a second coat. The chalk-paint users enjoy the buttery, matte finish of the wax that is applied after the paint job. You can use a wax brush for the purpose. You can use a clean and dry rag for buffing off the excess wax. Then apply another coat to get the chalky and dry finish. Now move to the faucet and countertop. Check whether you need to replace these and if so, you may purchase new ones.

You can also use a polyacrylic coat for achieving a maintenance-free finishing. If you are looking to consult and use the services of professionals for bathroom remodeling you can turn to Hybrid Construction especially if you are living in the Tampa, FL area. They can assist with the latest trends for bathroom vanity.

Picture Credit: freepik