Tips For Small Bathroom Remodeling

Tips For Small Bathroom RemodelingMost homeowners think that a small bathroom (less than 50 square feet) remodel will easier, quicker, and less expensive than the larger bathroom remodel. But many times they are surprised to find out that it is only a bit less expensive, just a little bit easier, and a wee bit quicker. The reason for this is simple. Small bathrooms contain almost all the elements required for a larger bathroom and they also require assistance from the same professionals. Even when these small bathrooms are a third of the large bathrooms their remodeling costs around 75% of the large bathroom in terms of money, efforts, and time. Here are some tips to make the small bathroom remodel a little less costly and quicker.

1. Use a corner sink and vanity having rounded corners: For the smaller bathrooms the sink has to be configured to fit into a corner as this is a great option for saving space. Keep in mind that even the pedestal sinks are tough to fit inside smaller bathrooms. As the space available is tight you cannot have vanities having sharp corners because they can be dangerous. You can avoid bruised hips by using vanities with rounded corners.

2. Use sliding shower doors or shower curtains and extend the counter over the top of the toilet: Using shower doors that work on hinges is not the right option for small bathrooms. You can typically use shower curtains or a glass sliding door that slides on tracks instead. The small additional counter space that is created when the vanity counter extends across the adjacent toilet can be quite useful.

3. Keep the coloring light and use large patterns in the design: It is a good idea to avoid darker colors from wall paint to furnishing along with contrasting hues for the smaller bathrooms. Soft gray walls are popular for small bathrooms these days. There are many other options available that work well with white trims and cabinetry in the case of the tiny bathrooms. Wider stripes, larger squares, and other large patterns will make the room appear larger and can fool the eye.

4. Develop an illusion of height: Making it appear as if the bathroom ceiling has been raised can make the whole room appear larger and this illusion is not too tough to create. Use small crown molding rather than having large crown molding that matches the ceiling. The dark and heavy crown molding will overpower the tiny area. Rethink the lighting fixtures. Use recessed lighting instead of the fixture that hangs down.

5. Opt for glass wherever possible: Although the textured glass door for the shower provides greater privacy, you should opt for a clear glass shower door as it makes the shower a part of the rest of the bathroom rather than cutting it off from the rest of the space like a curtain might. If your bathroom remodeling plan allows for changing the tub into a standing shower you can save space. Go in for a shower having a glass sidewall along with a clear glass door.

6. Use a trough sink and wall-mounted faucets: If it is mounted on the wall the low profile of the trough sink frees up a lot of space that can be used for storage. If you can mount the faucet on the wall it provides a smaller vanity and helps in freeing up some space inside the tiny bathroom.

There are several ideas that can be implemented for small bathrooms. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the job you can take advice from the professionals for your tiny bathroom remodeling. For those living in the Tampa, FL area a good alternative is Hybrid Construction.

They are experts in the field of bathroom remodeling and they can also assist you with the actual remodeling work.

Picture Credit: Pexels