Is Kitchen Remodeling An Expensive Thought? How Much To Spend?

Is Kitchen Remodeling An Expensive Thought? How Much To Spend?Planning to sell your home? Most homeowners looking to put their home on the market think of ways to attract the best offers. Kitchen remodel is one such idea that can help you get a better deal. But how much is worth spending? You might be confused as a brand-new kitchen with appliances fitted pays you better.

Although you will love to do that but is it worth spending $75,000 or more for kitchen remodeling? Remodeling 2020 Cost vs Value report published on Cost vs Value reveals that the average cost of minor remodeling is around $23,400 and can attract a better ROI. Contrarily, a major remodel averaging $68,500 for mid-priced homes does not give the same ROI. So, you need to be careful when it comes to spending on kitchen remodeling.

Going by the figures of 2020, minor kitchen remodels averaging $26,150 generated an ROI of 86.6% in the Pacific U.S. (Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and California). ROI was better standing at 95.1% for homeowners spending an average of $26,993 for kitchen remodeling. Comparing these with major remodels, the figures stood at 63.5% and 75.2% for sellers in Pacific and Los Angeles respectively.

Some inexpensive Ways To Remodel Your Kitchen

  • Update or Match Your Appliances
    Instead of spending your entire budget on a Viking range, try to match your appliances to get the same color and finish. In case they are 10 or more years old, you should replace them with new ones that can add value to your house.
  • Paint or Refinish Cabinets
    By painting or refinishing your cabinets you can have a large impact on achieving a new look. You might even do this on your own, but requires caution and considerable time to do it properly. Selling your house needs you to be safe and it is a good idea to paint the kitchen cabinets white.
  • Replace Drawer Pulls and Knobs
    You can add a swapping touch by replacing the outdated cabinet hardware with modern and better-looking pulls and knobs. Matte black hardware looks elegant on freshly painted cabinets and gives you the kitchen a richer feel.
  • Replace the Sink and Faucet
    Installing a new faucet and sink can considerably change the look and feel of your kitchen.
  • Install new countertop
    It’s worth replacing the old countertops as they tend to get outdated over the years. You have an option to select from a wide variety of materials but it’s preferable to select the one that adds value to your kitchen. For instance, you might not be able to get a better ROI if you install a marble countertop as it’s expensive.
  • Change Lights
    Lights play a crucial role in projecting a particular area. It is recommended to add modern lights or recessed lighting. You can choose from some cost-effective products that are already available in the market. It can transform the way people look at your kitchen and attract buyers.

Lastly, you should consult a real estate agent before transforming the looks of your kitchen to get an idea of the value the whole investment might give. It will help to make your kitchen aligned with the other homes in the neighborhood.

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