The Hottest Home Renovation Projects We Will See In 2023

Home Improvement Projects of 2023With a new year comes home renovation projects. Since the pandemic occurred, many homeowners have changed the way they spend their time at home. Many are still working from home, while others have seen that they enjoy staying home more with their family. Whatever the reason is, here are some of the hottest home renovation projects we will see in 2023.

As many people stayed working from home, many home office renovations will take place this upcoming year. Many homeowners will update their homes to have a more comfortable office. Others will be converting other spaces into home offices, such as a section of the garage or even a shed. Others will simply be adding elements to make the office feel more homey, such as a plush carpet or a paint job.

A second hot trend for 2023 will be home renovation for outdoor spaces. The pandemic showed us that it is possible to maximize all living space, including the outdoors. It is predicted that many decks and patios will be built this year, along with gardens. Outdoor kitchens will also be a popular trend. These living spaces may be equipped with TVs, grills, ceiling fans, thick curtains, patio furniture, and more.

Some homeowners may decide to update their bathroom or kitchen. Updating cabinets is projected to be huge this year, along with adding new lights and faucets. Many homeowners will decide to upgrade their appliances as well.

One trend we plan on seeing more of is built-ins. Many homeowners love the look of hidden elements, such as a hidden refrigerator, a closet, or even a butler’s pantry.

One kitchen trend we like is slab backsplashes. We expect this trend to take off this upcoming year. With these backsplashes, some homeowners are forgoing the top section of cabinets just to let the marble, quartz, or whatever material be showcased throughout the room.

Huge dining islands will also be a kitchen trend that homeowners will not be able to get enough of. This trend is becoming hugely popular for entertainment purposes. By doubling the size of these, there is more room for chatting while preparing meals or hosting get-togethers.

Energy efficiency will also be a trend that many homeowners will lean towards. Who does not want to save some dough? Solar panels are a trend that is projected to take off this year, and they will be covered by the Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Credit.

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Picture Credit: VistaCreate