Easy Methods For Improving Bathroom Storage

Best Bathroom Storage IdeasYour bathroom apart from the kitchen is the second most important room of your house. It doesn’t matter where you live, there is every chance that the time you spend in your bathroom is significant for the rest of your day. All the bathroom tasks need supplies such as toiletries, lotions, and towels. As the bathroom is the place where you perform cleaning up, you should take the best efforts to make it a tidy place. You need to avoid towels on the floor, clutter, and rogue wires and electronics wires lying on the floor. Here are some ideas to make your bathroom a better place.

1. Use vanity: When you have a small bath there is always the temptation for installing a pedestal sink. The idea here is that it will make the bathroom appear larger. However, if you are looking for better bathroom storage, try to install the vanity and make an effort to place a sink into it or over it. You can use a vessel sink for this. Vanities having deep drawers are far more convenient than those having doors.

2. Over the toilet: Cabinets that are not too deep or narrow shelves are great methods for making use of the underutilized space above your toilet. Make sure that you leave sufficient room between the top of the toilet tank and the bottom shelf. This will allow you to access the flushing system easily for making repairs.

3. Behind the bathroom doors: There is always some space available behind the bathroom doors and you can use all kinds of racks to make good use of it. You may install on top of the doors while someone may wish to make provisions for hanging clothes on hinge pins. All this leads to good bathroom storage availability.

4. Above the doors: Sometimes you may have some space available above the door frame. You can take advantage of it also. Consider placing a shelf above the door as it is a terrific way of providing out-of-the-way bathroom storage to store additional supplies. Some of them include baskets, decorative bins, and glass jars.

5. Medicine cabinets: For most of the last century the medicine cabinets used in the bathrooms used to be small as people were aware of how to get by using lesser stuff. These medicine cabinets used to be set into the walls on studs that were usually 14-1/2 inches apart. But now you can rip off the older unit and install a new big wall-mounted cabinet.

6. Colorful crates: If you do not have too much floor space available you may want to use the vertical space available. Consider using colorful crates that are a terrific modular solution for improving bathroom storage. These crates may be stacked over the floor or mounted on the wall. If there is any need for change you can easily use them elsewhere in the home.

7. Leaning ladders: You can use leaning ladders in the bathroom as no-tools-needed towel racks. Towels may be stacked or they could be hanged. You may paint the ladder with a color that coordinates with the bathroom decor. It makes for a great visual presentation of practical things that are otherwise placed inside a closet for no one else to see.

By using these ideas and more you can find on the internet, you can give practically everything a home. You can keep everything such as additional linen, makeup, cleaning products, etc., at your fingertips by using these bathroom storage ideas. Although many of these methods are DIY and easy to implement, you might need professional help for the others. If you live in Tampa, FL area contact Hybrid Constructions LLC for bathroom storage solutions.

Picture Credit: Unsplash