Office Renovation Tips For Your Company

Office renovation project planWhen completing an office renovation, there are a few important elements you must consider. Here are the top four you should make a priority.

1. Plan For Success. A commercial construction project will only be successful if you have a plan of what you are doing and follow through. This planning should be done early enough so that everything runs smoothly. About 18 months before the business’ lease expires, make plans for the office renovation. Do know that if your company is very large, it may take two years or more. It is also good to know that you can never start planning too early.

If you are not sure when to start, consider these factors: when your lease expires, how large your space is, company growth, and all the locations of your company. Ideally, commercial construction contractors like to start 24 months prior. If you start too late, you will not have as many options for your company.

Take into consideration that if you need a permit for your office renovation, you will need to plan for the project to take at least 8 months.

2. Have very clear expectations from the start for both the cost of the office renovation and what the schedule should be. A communication plan should be put into place, which includes email updates, weekly reports, meeting rhythms, and an online project portal. When regular communication is in place, you can be sure that there will not be any surprises.

Some individuals may want to communicate in different manners. Some commercial construction contractors may like daily communications and contracts signed. Office managers may insist on having a deadline date. All of these will help with knowing what the expectations are from both parties.

3. Global Inspiration can be used. With a war of talent that is getting more intense, you should plan to look globally for your inspiration. Europe and Asia are known to set the trends, with North America following in their footsteps. You will want to plan an office renovation that will make your company stand apart from others.

4. Negotiate for the longest lease that you can if your company’s plan includes being present in years to come. This will allow you to be more flexible with your lease, lower rent, and provide a larger renter improvement allowance. These allowances are much more effective in terms of saving money rather than using funds from your company. Many feel like it is comparable to an interest-free loan. Furthermore, when lessees make substantial modifications to the building, the property owner becomes substantially more accommodating as you are upgrading their building.

If an office renovation sounds like a good move for your company, contact Hybrid Construction LLC in Tampa, FL. The sooner you call, the faster you can make plans with this licensed and insured company.

Picture Credit: Freepik