The Best Times to Schedule Remodeling Projects

The Best Times to Schedule Remodeling ProjectsHomeowners often find themselves wondering when the best time to remodel their homes is. While there’s truth in saying that anytime you’re prepared to do it is the right time, there’s also the fact that some times are better than other times when it comes to various phases of jobs and saving money too. Unfortunately, these things don’t always coincide but there are some guidelines that you can follow to help you with cost and timing.

Remodeling Projects for January – March

This is the best time to start adding on to your home. The air is dryer during this time of the year, which makes it a good time to dig a foundation and pour concrete – before all the mud and humidity settle in for the year. If you manage to pour the foundation and frame the walls prior to the start of the rainy season, you can cover the area and continue working once it hits. Additionally, this time of the year is less busy for builders since everyone waits to spring when they get their tax refunds back and can use them for their home remodeling project.

Remodeling Projects for April – June

Most builders are quite busy throughout this time of the year so you’ll pay more to have them work on your project throughout these months. Unfortunately, this is when most homeowners find the money they need to do remodeling projects. This is also when most homeowners feel the need for something new like a deck, patio, or outdoor room. Of course, this is a great time for these projects too since the ground is soft and your project will be complete before the start of summer so you can enjoy it then.

Remodeling Projects for July – September

Throughout the summer months it’s highly recommended to tackle projects like a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel. Many people also decide that summertime is the best time to tackle roofing projects because these materials require a higher temperature so they can seal. However, builders must be concerned about their workers’ safety and when it’s too hot for them to work safely, the job will be put on hold.

Another consideration that you should think about throughout these months is your own vacation. If you’re going to be away this can be a great time to get things done so you won’t be unpleasantly inconvenienced and can arrive home to a whole new home.

Remodeling Projects for October – December

This is traditionally when most homeowners want their projects to be finished as the holidays are right around the corner. However, if you’re willing to be inconvenienced throughout the holidays, this is also a great time to do a kitchen remodel or even a bathroom remodel. Business is slower throughout this season and so materials will also cost less.

Timing Concerns for Your Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, and Other Such Projects

Remember, wet weather is the least desirable time to do any remodeling project. Of course, your interior work can be done at any time as long as it’s kept covered. You’ll still want to make sure that your contractors respect your home and don’t track dirt, mud, or water throughout it. They should also tell you when they can’t work due to the weather – clear communication throughout the job should be a given.

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