Tips For Choosing A New Bathtub

bathroom remodelWhile showers are quick and easy, bathtubs are great for relaxing. With the right bathtub, you’ll have a soothing, meditative place to escape to. That’s why a good bathroom remodel will include installing a new one. Before you rush off to the store to select yours, you should know that there are many styles, features, and shapes to choose from, regardless of your budget.

Types of Tubs

The first thing you need to consider is what type of tub you want to install at the time of your bathroom remodel. Some of the ones you can choose from include:

  • 3-wall alcove tub-shower combination: This is the most common type of tub.
  • It’s designed to maximize space and also provide you with a built-in storage cabinet, but you’ll also need a wall-mounted shower.
  • “Slipper” tubs have a high back that’s great for supporting your head and neck.
    Freestanding tubs have a sculpted bathing bowl that sits on top of a solid base.
  • Corner tubs have large, squarish proportions.
  • Clawfoot tubs look old and elegant with their signature legs.
  • Drop-in tubs: These tubs fit inside a framed enclosure that matches your bathroom.

Tub Construction

Once you’ve chosen what type of tub you want to include in your bathroom remodel, it’s time to consider what you want the tub to be made from. There are many different materials available depending on your budget, including:

  • Enameled steel is moderately priced and won’t scratch or stain easily, but you’re usually limited with color choices.
  • Acrylic and fiberglass are inexpensive and readily available in a wide selection of colors.
  • Stone and wood are freestanding tubs that are carved from things like travertine, limestone, walnut, pear, or mahogany.
  • Copper is the ultimate in luxury.
  • Cast iron will keep your bath water warm for a long time, but they’re really heavy.

Extra Features

You may think you’re finished with your bathroom remodel once you’ve chosen the style and construction of your tub, but there’s something else you should consider: features. These include things like:

  • Jets and bubbles make your tub feel like a whirlpool. These jets don’t have to be loud anymore, thanks to silent motor technology. You can also control their speed to control their vigor. Many will even allow you to simply create bubbles throughout your tub (micro-bubble jets create the most bubbles) or massage your feet.
  • You can have resonant speaker panels attached to your tub. This is a fancy way of sending sound through the water so you can feel your music’s vibrations on your skin.
  • Chromatherapy is a fancy way of referring to underwater LED lights. They change color to suit your mood.
  • In-line heaters are available to warm the water as it circulates so that you don’t lose any heat.
  • Digital controls allow you to easily control everything from the temperature of your water to the direction and flow of your jets, as well as the colors you see and the music you hear.

There are a lot of things you want to think about when you’re doing a bathroom remodel. For help thinking through these things, contact us at Hybrid Construction LLC in Tampa, FL.

Picture Credit: Pexels